Hi, I’m Cesar Méndez

Passionate about data and code, I have 6+ years in the tech industry, working on IoT for Smart Cities in Saudi Arabia, Oil & Gas analytics in Mexico, currently working as data engineer at Wizeline. Also, a NASA Space Apps Challenge finalist and organizer of the first Villahermosa Space Apps challenge in 2020

Data Stories

I like to write about my experiences in the tech industry and tutorials for software development, mainly for coding, data processing and AI stuff. Post are made in Spanish and English (i will try my best to have both published within a week of difference) 🙂📌✒️

Coding at the shores of the Red Sea (Jeddah, KSA) at KAUST by Cesar


Experienced in development for telemetry, data ingestion and analytics for smart cities solutions (IoT), downstream processes for oil & gas and ETL/data pipelines for the fintech industry implementing ML and AI tools.

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